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A Night Out

Some of the things we ran into while in NY the other night:


A very long line was waiting at Midtown Comics for Jim Lee’s signing; for the NEXT DAY.


Randomly bumped into some people who had just finished throwing this piece up onto the sidewalk.



This guy was in the subway and normally we’re so used to random things happening there all at once but he really caught my eye with his artwork.

He requested that his face wouldn’t be shown but what he was doing was creating those faces you see with scissors, and ONLY scissors. People would stand in front of him much like they do to get their portraits painted, except he was cutting miniature portraits instead and they were spot on!


Ran into a guy rockin’ Natives and I was all “Hey!” and then he was all “Hey!!” so we decided to document this sight.

It was a beautiful moment.


In front of skate & pinball shop 'Reciprocal' are Paulie Hussle (left), Greg (center, whom I believe is the owner or one of the owners), and Mimi (right).

As the guys were chatting it up I asked Mimi more about the store thinking she also owned it. This was her answer:

"Oh no, this isn’t MY store. I just pinball here like, ALL the time!"

How much cuter can one get?!

I was a little tired so I didn’t go in to take pictures but of course Paulie Hussle had to be a fashion whore and grab something, ANYTHING, didn’t he?

Skate shops aren’t new but I just love their pinball machine collection that, obviously after Mimi’s comment, is available for the public to use like, ALL the time!

Random nights out can be very interesting indeed.



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