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How Are We Meant To Move If There's No Movement?

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Check, check, check it… for all of you that don’t know, I, Paulie Hussle, absolutely love beer. I’m not talking about just any beer. I left the Bud Lights, 40’s, and Coronas when I was 14. I got into beer tasting and began tasting different brews from all over the world; whatever I could get my hands on. I’ve tried beer from Japan, Germany, Holland, Paris, of course Mexico but I can’t do Corona like that because it needs a slice of lemon to give it a kick.
When I head to the bar I usually go for something I’ve never tried before and if there isn’t anything interesting I usually go for a Black & Tan. A Black & Tan is Guiness mixed with Bass beer but it has to be straight from the tap.
Just the other day I was walking through the neighborhood and I went to grab a bag of chips when something by the beer/liquor section caught my eye. The bottle alone was unique enough to grab my attention but as soon as I read the words Black & Tan I bought a couple of bottles, brought some to Real Deal 201 and got shmangled. Yeah, shmangled.
This beer is made in Mississippi & Utica, New York which is surprising for American beer because usually American beer doesn’t go down as smooth.
So that’s the "Thirsty Thursday" pick.
Enjoy it and remember kids: Indulge in your bad habits safely.
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